Ella ella ella

Such beautiful weather we’ve been having lately, although my definition of beautiful weather isn’t exactly what most people would conjure up, especially Australians. It’s been somewhat rainy and wet, which results in wonderfully cold temperatures and cooling winds. I hate heat. I love cold, though sometimes it can get too cold. But like I always say, I’d rather die from extreme cold than extreme heat, not that I have a death wish or anything.

Today sadly is my last day of my Easter break… and I have yet to start on any of my homework, especially those that are due tomorrow. I *heart* procrastination, although it sometimes can be a pain. 😛

Anyway, my hosted site has been scheduled for expiration by my host, so it should be gone anytime after 4th April. I don’t intend to keep the domain name either, since if I want to use it with this free WordPress blog, I have to pay US$10 a year for WordPress to “connect” me with the service, on top of the price of my domain name. So ya, not gonna do it.

One of the uses of a hosted site that I never bothered utilising was to host my online portfolio, which is quite useful for getting jobs. I never really thought about it, and not that I have a lot of work to showcase either, but oh well, I guess paper and e-mailing will do, if and when I do actually need it. I’ve only compiled a portfolio once in my whole life, and that was for my RMIT application. I really should start coming up with more productive nonsense during my free time instead of watching so many TV shows.

Speaking of TV shows, am currently following two new series. The first is Eli Stone, which I quite like. It’s about this lawyer who starts having visions that somehow help him out with certain cases. It’s a medical problem, but his chinese doctor fella says he’s a modern day prophet instead. And it’s also light-hearted, and entertaining, and just a overall enjoyable show with a dash of drama here and there. It’s kinda like a more watchable Ally McBeal I’d say, with the exception that the visions/illusions are actually useful.

The next is Reaper. It’s not as interesting, but it’s oooookay only la. It’s about this boy whose soul has been sold to the devil by his parents way before he was born. The dad had some problem, and made a deal with the devil since they thought they could just not have children. However the devil conned them, as he also made a deal with their doctor (gambling problem) who bluffed the parents into thinking the dad’s infertile. So taa-daa, out comes the first born child, and on his 21st birthday he starts working for the devil. It’s not evil evil so much, but he’s just basically a bounty hunter out to retrieve souls that escaped from hell. It’s kinda like a more comedic Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with the exception that, erm, it’s a guy instead of a girl? 😛

K la, that’s all for now. I wanna go do my homework!

Hopefully! 😀


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